Airdrop Round 3 Restart Notification

Dear users:

‌In order for users around the world to access our website safely and smoothly, we have implemented CDN global node acceleration and security protection on the official website, which caused IP abnormally when multiple users visited, and the system misjudged it as a BOT behavior , and was restricted to query. Due to the above reasons, some users who met the 5 contract interactions showed that they did not get the airdrop.

‌After hard work, we have successfully solved the above-mentioned problems. The valid query that has been confirmed to obtain the airdrop between 08:00-09:15 is still valid, and there is no need to repeat the query. The event page will restart at 2021-03-27 00:00 AM (EST), please visit again to participate in the airdrop.

‌Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

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