NFT Creator Plan

CherrySwap NFT Marketplace will be online soon

Creator Plan works will be on-chained first, and enjoy 12,500 USDT creator benefits

CherrySwap will launch the NFT Marketplace at the end of August and is calling on all Cherry community artists and creators to join the NFT community Creator Plan. At that time, your works will have the opportunity to be cast as NFT and invited to be the first works to be sold online on the Cherryswap NFT Marketplace.

Total 12,500 USDT of NFT Creator Plan Benefits.

First Prize: 2 winners, 1500 USDT each.

Second Prize: 5 winners, 500 USDT each.

Third Prize: 10 winners, 200 USDT each.

Excellence Award: 100 winners, 50 USDT each.

  • CherrySwap will provide the above winners with NFT on-chain services, which will be available for sale on the NFT Marketplace in the first month of its launch.

  • CherrySwap NFT Marketplace only charges 10% of the price of their first NFT transaction as a transaction fee, with the remaining 90% will all belong to artists and creators.

NFT work requirements

1. NFT works should be designed around the elements of CherrySwap, which can be emoticons, illustrations, videos, etc. The form of expression and creative style is not limited.

2. The submitted works must be original digital works.

The image works: format should be JPG/JPEG, image mode CMYK, size: A4 (297mm X 210mm), resolution not less than 75dpi.

The Video works: should be submitted in MP4 or TS package single file, video encoding H.264 or H.265 encoding, resolution not exceeding 4K, file size not exceeding 1G, file length not exceeding 5 minutes, the bit rate is not limited.

3. The submitted works are strictly prohibited to contain political, vulgar, pornographic, religious, and other contents, and shall not violate relevant laws and regulations.

Submission method

Submission email:

plz attach the creator, work introduction, work name, personal OEC wallet address information. The email name is uniform "NFT + work name + creator name".

If your work is selected, CherrySwap will get in touch with you via email.

Activity Time (HKT)

Submission deadline: from now to 26/08/2021 22:00

Judging period(by CherrySwap Team): August 27th - August 29th

Award announcement: August 30, 10:00

About CherrySwap NFT Marketplace

CherrySwap NFT Marketplace cooperates with game developers, artists, and crypto community creators to combine NFT distribution, trading, and auction functionality to create customizable online stores for users to automatically buy and sell their crypto collections.

Cherrysawp NFT Marketplace's medium of exchange is CHE, and CherrySwap promises to use all the commission (CHE) income of NFT Marketplace for destruction.

Thank you for your support!

CherrySwap Team

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