Anyswap has supported CHE&HEP cross-chain to BSC

Dear users,

Anyswap has supported CHE&HEP cross-chain to BSC smart chain. You can move CHE&HEP between OEC<> BSC via

The total supply of CHE&HEP will remain unchanged after cross-chain, please understand the principle of cross-chain by yourself.

▶️ We will launch liquidity mining on CyberCat official website for users who provide CHE&HEP liquidity on BSC.

A. Stake CHE-USDT LP to earn CHE.

B. Stake HEP-USDT LP to earn CHE.

C. The above LP mining will be launched on Nov. 25, 2021, and the specific details will be announced separately.

▶️ In order to encourage users to provide liquidity for CHE on BSC, we will inject 90,000 CHE from the market share into the CHE-USDT LP Farms as an additional reward for three days, that is 30,000 CHE additional bonus per day.

LP mining method

1. Use CHE or HEP and USDT to increase LP in PancakeSwap-Liquidity (

2. Stake CHE-USDT LP / HEP-USDT on CyberCat official website to earn CHE.

▶️ To achieve the above goals, we expect to allocate 50% of the CHE output of the CherrySwap Farms to CyberCat Farms on November 25, 2021, and halve the CHE output of the CherrySwap Farms at the same time, which will remain the output of CHE at the current 150,000 per day.

Thank you for your support!

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