Announcement on the establishment of a special area for airdrops in the IFO

CherrySwap will upgrade the IFO section in the near future with a new airdrop zone.

Several practices have shown that it is easier and faster to use the IFO mechanism for airdrops. Therefore, the IFO section will be divided into two areas after the upgrade, so that airdrops can be better separated from the original IFO function.

If your project token would like to host an airdrop on CherrySwap, please apply to CherrySwap as follows.

▶️ Is my project token eligible to apply to host an airdrop event on CherrySwap?

As long as the total value of your project Token airdrop expects to run on CherrySwap is no less than 50,000 USDT, you can initiate an application with us.

▶️ How do I apply to host an airdrop on CherrySwap with my project token?

The process is straightforward — send your inquiry to with “Project Name – Token airdrop” as the subject. Our spot team will reach back out with more information about the application process.

▶️ What to expect after my project token gets a successful application?

After successful application, your project token can be added to the CherrySwap Exchange whitelist and no longer need to lock Token LP to Holder.

Thank you for your support!

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