The airdrop rules of HEP (Health potion) to CHE holders

About HEP

HEP is the GameFi ecological sub-coin issued by Cherryswap. HEP is an incentive token for players to participate in game competition, mainly used to breed new pets in the game.

Total HEP: 2.1 billion

Total airdrop: 21 million

Airdrop method: Free airdrop to CHE holders, 7 million airdrops per period, a total of three periods.

The first phase of the HEP airdrop will commence on 16 September and will be implemented through the IFO function contract, as follows.

CherrySwap will open three special IFO of CHE—USDT LP, CHE—OKT LP, and CHE at the same time. You only need to input your personal holdings of CHE—USDT LP, CHE—OKT LP, and CHE to get HEP, and all the LP and CHE you have deposited will be refunded in full.


1️⃣ The reason for using the IFO contract to achieve airdrops is: Currently CHE is widely distributed and LP attribution is complex. We cannot accurately count the addresses and holdings of all CHE and LP holders. In order to minimize emissions, we will airdrop according to the percentage of assets you have invested in these three special IFOs

2️⃣ The airdrop is free. We only use the IFO function to count the user’s holdings. Input and return operations are executed through the IFO contract, so you will not lose any CHE or LP by participating in these three special IFOs.

3️⃣ Considering that the input of CHE and LP will affect your mining revenue, we will control the IFO time within 1 hour, if you want to get HEP airdrop, please pay attention to our opening time announcement and input your LP or CHE within 1 hour, or you will not get HEP.

4️⃣ About the airdrop ratio: CherrySwap allocates 7 million HEP to the three IFOs based on the current liquidity share of CHE, CHE-USDT LP, and CHE-OKT LP, please do not dismantle LPs for investment at will to avoid affecting the amount of HEP obtained.

✅Engineers are currently doing the final testing of the airdrop IFOs. To ensure safety, the airdrop time is scheduled at 17:00 (HKT) on Sep 16, 2021, subject to the actual block height shown on the IFO.

Thank you for your support and attention!

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