Announcement on the airdrop of Empire Legends Token (EPT)

The IFO sector will soon add airdrop mode. The first phase of the airdrop event will be launched on November 12th. The details are as follows:

Airdrop Details

Token name: Empire Legends Token (EPT)

Total amount: 100 million

Airdrop: 83333 EPT

Airdrop method: CherrySwap-IFO-Airdrop mode

How to participate: Invest in CHE in the airdrop mode to get Token, and the full amount of investing will be refunded after the airdrop is over.

Airdrop start time: Expected to be November 12, 2021, at 04:00 AM (EST)

Airdrop end time: Expected to be November 12, 2021, at 05:00 AM (EST)

* Please refer to the block height for the specific time. To prevent time errors, we will announce the block height the day before the airdrop.


1. Empire Legends was originally planned to be listed on CherrySwap IFO in November, but because the project staff is an anonymous team and could not pass the KYC audit of CherrySwap IFO, so it was changed to the Token airdrop.

2. Cherryswap has completed the key verification of the contract security of the project. Since the project is in the test phase, there is no public product, so the EPT LP mining will not be launched until the product is officially launched.

3. After the airdrop, CherrySwap will instantly add EPT to the Exchange whitelist, and you can freely trade the tokens.

Responsibility statement and risk warning

1. CherrySwap has completed the due diligence and information disclosure of the project.

2. CherrySwap only provides an airdrop platform for the project. There is no investment and interest relationship between the two parties. CherrySwap does not endorse or guarantee any project; if it encounters policy risks, major market risks, and secondary market currency prices For severe fluctuations or other risks, CherrySwap does not assume any joint and several liabilities;

3. If you participate in this airdrop activity, you will agree to our risk warning terms by default. Please judge the relevant information by yourself, participate cautiously, and assume your own risk.

Project reference information

Empire Legends is an NFT game based on the concept of metauniverse built on OEC. Players can freely create and buy heroes in the game, and use heroes for competition and work, thereby earning gold coins and improving heroes. Level, get the best equipment.

Empire Legends has exquisite digital collections created using blockchain technology. Each collection is unparalleled, real heroes, and each character has a different degree of rarity. There are many different heroes in the Empire legends universe, such as warriors, rangers, knights, wizards, waiting for users to discover and collect.

Empire Legends is also a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME, which supports users to participate in the battle arena and profit from the battle.

Empire Legends has no private placements or institutions and is completely fair to start with a self-governing community.

The project has now completed the testnet testing and will soon go live on the OEC main network at the end of November.

EPT Token Allocation

Total amount:100,000,000

Airdrop and market expansion: 1,000,000, accounting for 1%

Team: 3,650,000, accounting for 3.65%

Initial liquidity: 500,000, accounting for 0.5%

Liquidity mining and game output: 94,850,000, accounting for 94.85%

*Unlocking rules of the team part: 10,000 EPT unlocked every day, and the unlocking is completed within one year.

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