Participate in the joint beta with ONTO wallet

Participate in the join beta with ONTO wallet win double rewards of candy!

We feel very honored to announce that the joint beta of CherrySwap&OKExChain gained special support of the "Initial Fund" of ONTO wallet!

Participate in the joint beta of CherrySwap&OKExChain on ONTO wallet, you can claim the airdrop rewards of candy of 0.02 OKT. If you invite friends on ONTO wallet, you can also claim 25% extra rewards of friends' candy amount!

Here are the details of the activity:

Activity time

20:00, Mar. 11, 2021 - 20:00, Mar. 16, 2021 (HKT)


  1. Visit the ONTO official website to download.

  2. Once in, go into Assets and search for the “OKT.” Once found, add it to your list of assets so your ONTO supports OKT — granting you access to Cherry Swap!

  3. Enter the CherrySwap dApp in ONTO to try out the TestNet for decentralized trading, mining, and farming!

  4. After CherrySwap’s OKExChain MainNet is launched, use ONTO to try CherrySwap again, and users who have tried out either trading, mining , or farming for the MainNet will receive 0.22 OKT & 150 CHE

  5. Users who have used BOTH the TestNet AND the MainNet version will receive an extra 50% in rewards, which in this case is an extra 0.01 OKT for a total of 0.23 OKT + 150 CHE.

  6. Within ONTO, click the avatar button in the upper left corner and select “Invite Friends” to view and copy your own invitation code. Invite friends to register for ONT ID in order to try CherrySwap, and you can get an additional 25% of your friends’ rewards. This part of the reward will be issued in ONG without limit, so the more the merrier!


  • Using only the TestNet version but NOT the MainNet version will result in ZERO rewards, so make sure you definitely try the MainNet!

  • If there is no transaction hash, you will not be eligible for rewards

  • The same device/ONT ID can only get one reward.

ONTO wallet tutorial

About ONTO wallet

ONTO is the first decentralized cross-chain wallet that can truly realize the self-management of digital identity, data, and digital assets for users. It integrates the diversified functions such as identity and credit, digital assets and NFT, financial lending, cross-chain exchange, information push, and various practical dApps, and supports the diversified digital assets of major public chains and their chains.

Activity statement

1. The activity rewards will be issued after the deployment of the main net. Please pay attention to the official notice of CherrySwap or ONTO;

2. To ensure the fairness of the activity and strictly prohibit cheating, CherrySwap has the right to cancel the award-winning qualification of users in case of any illegal operation affecting the normal operation of this activity;

3. CherrySwap reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

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