The FAQ of IFO

Q:1 What is IFO?

A1: Cherryswap's IFO stands for Initial Farm Offerings. In short, this is a brand new token sales model prepared for new project incubation or a model for purchasing new tokens.

When a new project needs to be supported, you can submit an IFO application to us. After necessary reviews, we will launch IFOto raise funds facing users.

Q2: Will CherrySwap review projects of IFO?

A2: Before the maturity of community and voting functions, we will conduct necessary reviews on the projects participated in IFO, including but not limited to: project, official website, community, audit, security, etc. To make sure it's a real, secure, and profitable project. After the community and voting functions matured, the new projects launched onIFO will be elected by community autonomy and voting.

Q3: How to participate in CherrySwap's IFO?

A3: Users can learn about relevant information through the IFOsection of CherrySwap's official website. To participate in IFOof a certain phase, they need to purchase CHE in advance, then use CHE to participate in the subscription of IFO project. After the subscription, the corresponding CHE will be deducted.

The user of most projects can directly participate in the subscription during the period.

According to the requirements of project sponsors, some IFO will adopt the white list system, that is users included in the white list can participate in the subscription, so as to achieve the purpose of targeted fundraising.

Q4: What will users gain by participating in CherrySwap's IFO?

A4: Users can get a certain number of tokens of a new project by participating in CherrySwap's IFO, and they can often get considerable value dividends with these tokens.

Q5: Is there any risk in participating in the IFO?

A5: Yes, there are some risks in participating in IFO. Although tokens of new projects are often expected to have considerable value dividends, the value of tokens will be determined by the market and the project itself, and we do not guarantee profits. Therefore, users need to learn about the relevant information of new projects and decide whether to participate by themselves and bear the risk of market fluctuations.

Please conduct investment carefully.

Q6: How long after participating in IFO can users get tokens?

A6: Users who participated in IFO will generally get the tokens of the new project immediately and can transfer freely. After established the liquidity pool on CherrySwap, the corresponding transaction pairs can be traded.

Q7: When will CherrySwap's IFO be launched?

A7: We will open the IFOfunction of the test-net in the near future, and there will be corresponding activities. You can use the test coin to participate on test-net, and obtain certain test coins, without risk. IFO of the official website will be launched within two weeks after the launch of the main-net. If you are interested in IFO, please pay attention to us.

Q8: What is the first IFO project of CherrySwap to be launched?

A8: At present, a number of new projects havebeensubmittedforIFO application on CherrySwap. We will conduct the necessary reviews and publish the IFO project information of phase I in chronological order after the launch of official-net.

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