IFO Phase NO.2 -HiveMind(HMD)

Token name: HiveMind(HMD)

Total tokens: 100 million

IFO quota: 2,000,000 HMD (2% of total tokens)

Exchange ratio: 1 HMD = 0.1 USD (CHE actual exchange ratio will be announced before committing)

Support mode: investment

Participating input tokens: CHE

IFO start block height: 4843602 (estimated at 2 pm, Aug 13, 2021, HKT)

IFO end block height: 4848102 (estimated at 7 pm, Aug 13, 2021, HKT)

1.IFO will be open for investment at block height 4843602, please invest before block height 4848102.

⚠️Note: The CHE will be locked and cannot be taken out before the end of the IFO. you can go to the IFO page to take out the HMD tokens and the remaining CHE when IFO is finished.

2. HMD will launch USDT-HMD trading pair on Cherrysawp and open liquidity mining in POOL. HiveMind will open Genesis Mining in CherrySwap within 48 hours after the end of IFO, please refer to the official information of HMD for the end time of Genesis Mining.

3. ️No whitelist is required for this IFO.

️️4.⚠️ ️Special note: HiveMind tokens have a burning mechanism, according to the official planning, HMD will start the burning mechanism after the end of HMD Genesis Mining, if you do not approve please do not participate.

Project reference information:

HiveMind official website: https://hmd.finance/

HiveMind Twitter: www.twitter.com/hmdofficial2021

HiveMind Telegram: https://t.me/hmdEnglish https://t.me/hmdchinese

💬How to participate in IFO?

IFO Participation Guide


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