IFO Test Phase 1(ended)

Participate in the IFO of testnet to grab the whitelist qualification of first phase IFO of mainnet!

The first phase IFO of mainnet will adopt the whitelist system. Participate in the IFO of testnet now, you can obtain the whitelist qualification.

The first phase IFO info of testnet as below:

Project name: DeFi

Project intro: DeFi is the virtual project for the first phase IFO test of CherrySwap, you can participate in with test coin. It is only used for IFO test process, and has no any real value.

Launch time: 22:00 PM, Apr. 7 - 22:00 PM, Apr. 8 EST ( for 24 hours only)

For sale: 1,000,000 DeFi

Participation method: To participate with CHE-OKT LP

To raise (LP value): $ 400,000

CHE to burn(value) : $ 200,000

If the fundraising didn't reach the target, all funds will be returned with the original way

If the fundraising exceeded the target, it will be allocated based on the proportion of the participating funds, after the allocation, the excess amount will be returned with the original way.

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