Token name: ReNFT(RNFT)

Total tokens: 100 million

IFO quota: 357,142 RNFT (0.375% of total tokens)

Contract address:0x602984507a544944e1679459b2d521390ce5c913

Exchange ratio: 1 RNFT = 0.21 USD (CHE actual exchange ratio will be announced before committing)

Support mode: investment

Participating input tokens: CHE

IFO start block height: 5205550 (estimated at 2 pm, Aug 30, 2021, HKT)

IFO end block height: 5210050 (estimated at 7 pm, Aug 30, 2021, HKT)

1️⃣IFO will be open for investment at block height 5205550, please invest before block height 5210050

⚠️Note: The CHE will be locked and cannot be taken out before the end of the IFO. you can go to the IFO page to take out the HMD tokens and the remaining CHE when IFO is finished.

2️⃣After IFO, USDT-RNFT trading pair will launch on Cherrysawp. According to the project development plan, the ReNFT V2 version will be launched within 40-45 days, and liquid mining will be launched at Cherrysawp POOL at that time.

3️⃣CherrySwap will supervise the RNFT project to add initial liquidity and put LP tokens into Holder for a 2-month lockup.

About ReNFT

ReNFT is a multi-chain modular combination subsystem targeting NFT liquidity. The Subsystem includes shards factory, INO, Hybrid-Tokenized NFT Copyright, Consensus Signature, API Copyright Authorization, NFT Intellectual Property Valuation, NFT Copyrights trading, and yield farming,etc.

RNFT Token Allocation and Address

1️⃣Mining output

Percentage: 65%

Release details

Year 1: 30%

Liquidity Mining 9.3%

LP Staking Airdrop 1.5%

Locked Position Mining (POS) 4.2%

Mixed copyright and NFT bid-trade mining 15%

Year 2: 20%

Mixed rights with NFT bid-trade mining 20%

Year 3: 10%

Mixed rights with NFT bid-trade mining 10%

Long-term incentives: 5%

Address Disclosure: 0x64b29396269397CE83f951f619d6F8B67b54397b


Percentage: 0.357%

Release details: All released after IFO

Address disclosure: 0x51135edd218D8C3955B8d9073dAfD7158E5edBc5

3️⃣ReNFT Team

Percentage: 10%

Release details: 1 year locked position, 1% per month from month 13.

Address Disclosure: 0x80CA932f7239b47262CCCE45d653a5FFe5952A94

4️⃣ Developer and Eco Incentive

Percentage: 9%

Release details: 3% per year after going live on A-list exchange.

Address Disclosure: 0x9b698483843bFF31C9dC3D655f3619fcd97c9D6E

5️⃣ Strategic Investors

Percentage: 8%

Release details: 30% release after going live on the B-list exchange. Release 15% in the second month, 15% in the third month, and 40% in the fourth month.

Address Disclosure: 0x043500A2Dc0077A35faEABb854E39E671b668574

6️⃣ Investment institutions and digital art creation institutions

Percentage: 5% Release details: 20% will be released after going live on the second tier exchange, and the remainder will be released 13.33% each month for the next 6 months. Address Disclosure: 0xFB14F382F4EA12D3121995b4Ba08014D673C24F8

7️⃣ Advisors

Percentage: 2.643%

Release details: 1% per year.

Address disclosure: 0x69FD6f8861AbE75CBED37e471bCc9DbE15c33551


Total number of airdrops released: approximately 20,000 RNFT

Airdrop distribution time: 30-45 days after the end of IFO

Project Reference Information

ReNFT official website: http://www.renft.org/

ReNFT Twitter: https://twitter.com/renft_protocol

Audit report: https://www.renft.org/pdf/RNFT_audit.pdf

Medium: https://renft-shards-protocol.medium.com/

ChainNews: https://www.chainnews.com/u/948304687510.htm


International community https://t.me/renft_protocol

Vietnam community https://t.me/renft_vietnam

Indian community https://t.me/RenftProtocol_India

Mandarin community https://t.me/renft_chinese

How to participate in IFO?

IFO Participation Guide: https://docs.cherryswap.net/products/ifo-initial-farm-offering

IFO F&Q: https://docs.cherryswap.net/products/the-faq-of-ifo

Responsibility statement and risk warning

1. CherrySwap has completed the due diligence and information disclosure of this IFO project. The scope of the audit includes but is not limited to: Smart contract verification, Smart contract audit, project background, team member KYC, product content, development progress, community conditions, and other related content, confirm information Real and effective.

2. CherrySwap and the IFO project is a cooperative relationship, which only provides a platform for the IFO project. There is no investment and interest relationship between the two parties. CherrySwap does not endorse or guarantee any IFO project; if it encounters policy risks, major market risks, and secondary market currency prices severe fluctuations or other risks, CherrySwap does not assume any joint and several liability;

3. If you participate in this IFO, you will agree to our risk warning terms by default. If you do not agree, please do not participate. Please judge the investment risk by yourself and invest cautiously.

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