Adding Liquidity

1.CherrySwap uses mining mode of LP pledge certificate , so we need to add the supported market making token pair to the fund pool first, and then click【Liquidity】to enter liquidity.

2. Click【Add Liquidity】 to add.

3.Select OKT / CHE (case), set the quantity, and then click 【Approve CHE】 to authorize the first operation.

4.Click【Confirm】 in the pop-up window of MetaMask to complete the first authorization.

5.Click【Supply】 again to send the token.

6.After confirming the information, click【Confirm Supply】, and then click【Confirm】again in the pop-up window of MetaMask . After that, you can see your market making record in the fund pool.

7.Click [Import it] to view the currently owned LP tokens.

8.Choose the corresponding LP and the pool will show out.

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