IFO Phase NO.1- Koala (KOA)

Token name: Koala (KOA)

Total tokens: 188 million

IFO quota: 1,880,000 KOA (1% of total tokens)

Exchange ratio: 1 KOA = 0.1 U.S. dollars (the actual exchange ratio of CHE-USDT will be announced before the investment)

Support mode: investment

Participate in the input currency: CHE-USDT LP

IFO starting block height: 4603888 (estimated at 8 pm, Aug 1, 2021, HKT)

IFO end block height: 4622788 (estimated at 5 pm, Aug 2, 2021, HKT)

1.IFO will be open for input at block height 4603888. Please invest before block height 4622788.

⚠️Note: After the investment is completed, the CHE-USDT LP will be locked and cannot be taken out before the end of the IFO.

2. Please withdraw KOA tokens and the remaining USDT-CHE LP on IFO when end.

3. KOA will launch the USDT-KOA trading pair on Cherrysawp at 6 pm on the same day and start liquidity mining at POOL.

4. After careful consideration by the team, in order to allow more users to participate in the ecological construction of Cherry swap fairly, we decided to cancel the first phase of the IFO whitelist system, and all users can participate in this IFO unconditionally.

Project reference information

Koala Finance official website: http://www.koalafinance.net/

Koala Finance Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalafinanceN

How to participate in IFO?

IFO Guide


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