How to Yield Farm

1.Click【Farm】 on the left side of the webpage to enter the farm page. CherrySwap farm provides multiple mining pools to participate in the test. Here, taking CHE-CHERRY LP pool as an example, the first step to obtain CHE is to click【Stake LP】to pledge.

2. After confirming the quantity to be pledged, click【Confirm】 to confirm.

3. Here, the MetaMask window will also pop up. Click 【Confirm】 again to confirm. After waiting patiently for the block to be completed, then the pledge will be completed.

4.Click【Details】to view the pledge details.

5. Click【Harvest】to get the benefits once obtained CHE.

6. The quantity of pledged LP can be increased or decreased through [+] [-].

7. When the pledge is not required, click [-] to reduce the quantity to 0 to complete the token redemption operation.

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