Let's build the greatest swap!
We hope that CherrySwap will be a fully autonomous community project, so it's not a timeline, it's a to-do list, and we'll divide the to-do list by stages. Once the community and voting system improved, the work sequence and subsequent development within the stage will be decided by the community autonomy.
Let's build the greatest swap!

Stage 1

  • Complete the overall plan of product √
  • Development of related protocols
  • Official launch of website
  • Internal testing of protocol

Stage 2

  • The launch of CHERRYSWAP (Beta Version)
  • The joint beta started
  • Airdrop plan for beta activities
  • Exchange
  • LP pool started
  • FARM started
  • IFO started
  • Lottery
  • Preparation for launching OKExChain mainnet

Stage 3

  • Deployment of the OKExChain mainnet (CHERRYSWAP V1.0)
  • The distribution of beta airdrops
  • The airdrop plan launched on the mainnet
  • Support transaction and liquidity mining of more tokens
  • Migrate to the relevant chains Improve development files
  • IFO plan
  • Lottery

Stage 4

  • Launch of CherrySwap V2.0
  • Support trading and liquidity mining of more tokens
  • Launch of core pool
  • Improve user experience
  • Voting
  • More open community autonomy
  • Regular sample release
  • NFT ecosystem
  • Innovative Feature - HOLDER
  • Auto CHE POOL
  • Cross-chain Bridge
  • More feature - Charts
  • GameFi -CyberCat

Stage 5

  • Task-based on NFT
  • Lending
  • Personal dashboard
  • Faster website
  • Customized user profile
Let's build the greatest swap!