CyberCat Alpha Test Tutorial(BSC)

Step 1: Enter the game

CyberCat Alpha Game Test Entry Method
link to be added
Marketplace (Test Version)
CyberCat Alpha Test Test system
Android, IOS, and Windows
CyberCat Alpha Test Support Languages
English, Chinese
CyberCat Alpha Test supported wallets
MetaMask, Tokenpocket

Step 2: Connect to the wallet

click [MetaMask] to connect to your wallet and start the test after completing the connection and signature.
Please confirm that your BSC smart chain address is qualified for testing and the network has been switched to BSC mainnet.

➡️Check the CyberCat Alpha Test eligibility list:

➡️BSC mainnet setup parameters

Network name: BSC
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Browser URL:

➡️ Test Assets

We had airdropped the following test assets to all test-eligible addresses.
3 CyberCat (random race), 10,000 tCHE, 10,000 tHEP, 10,000 tUSDT
❗️❗️❗️ Please note❗️❗️❗️
  • The above test assets are all virtual assets and do not have any investment value, please do not trade privately to prevent damage to your funds.
  • The above test assets will not be issued afterward, Please arrange the use of your test assets reasonably.
  • Since the 3 CyberCats are randomly allocated, you can get new CyberCats through Breed or Marketplace (Test Version): https://alphamarketplace.cybercat. world/

Step 3 Build your team

Click [Sync CyberCat] and the Cybercat you obtained will appear here.
After completing the above two steps, go back and click [TEAMS].
Click [New team]
Click [+] to add your CyberCat, and then click [Save team].
Done! Now go on an adventure with your CyberCats!

6,000 USDT Bonus!

In order to encourage players to actively participate, For players with outstanding performance in each season, the top 20 players in the rankings of each season can share 2,000 USDT rewards, a total of 6,000 USDT will be given away!
The PVP leaderboard test seasons that will receive bonuses are :
Season 1: November 12, 02:00 - November 15, 02:00
Season 2: November 16, 02:00 - November 25, 02:00
Season 3: November 26, 02:00 - December 10, 02:00

Test Feedback

If you find any bugs or have ideas and suggestions during the beta testing, feel free to submit them to us for a reward of up to 1,000 CHE!
⭕️ CyberCat Alpha Test Feedback and Suggestions Submission Form
In addition, you are welcome to post your own game ron YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Medium, etc. We will reward you with up to 500 CHE for selected game reviews!
⭕️ CyberCat Alpha Test Experience Report Submission Form
Test reward details can be found here:

Other notes.

  1. 1.
    The game has basically achieved complete functionality at present. However, because of the short time, huge content and complex functions, bugs or other problems will inevitably appear. Therefore, during the test period, we may carry out system upgrades and version updates at any time without separate notice. Please understand if there is no login, or lag. If you encounter the above situation, please fill out the feedback form to help us continue to improve.
  2. 2.
    All parameters set in the Marketplace and the game may differ from the official version, such as reproduction, output and other important parameters.
  3. 3.
    All the content of this test is the experience version and does not represent the final quality of the game.

For more information

CyberCat official website: CherrySwap official website: CherrySwap Twitter: Medium: Telegram EN: Telegram CN: Telegram channel: