Announcement on the launch of Holder and 1:1 airdrop of HDT for CHE holders

Announcement on the launch of Holder (innovative feature) and 1:1 airdrop of HDT (Holder Token) for CHE holders

Dear users

According to the latest work progress, CherrySwap innovative feature (Holder) is expected to be officially launched on August 18, 2021, you are welcome to experience it.

About Holder

Holder is a feature that helps users lock positions with one click and hold faith assets for a long time. With Holder, you can choose to lock your optimistic assets and hold it to achieve high profits. Holder's lock-up function is executed by smart contracts, and CherrySwap has no control over the locked assets, so user assets are absolutely safe.

Holder is a paid service feature that charges service fees according to the time the user chooses to lock the assets, with a minimum rate of 0.2% and a maximum of 2%.

CherrySwap promises that 80% of Holder's total revenue will be used to repurchase CHE and 20% of total revenue will be used for HDT holder airdrop.

About HDT

HDT is Holder's functional token with ticket and airdrop dividends, with a total issue of 21 million, of which about 16 million are airdropped to all CHE holders in circulation except teams and institutions, and the remaining 5 million are used to mine minerals.

The airdrop rules will be announced separately.

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