CyberCat Alpha Test

CyberCat will soon open a censored internal test on November 12, 2021 at 2:00 (EST). After the test, we will give CHE and HEP airdrops as rewards based on the test feedback provided by test users and the degree of completion of test tasks.

〓Activity time〓

November 12, 2021 2:00 - December 12, 2:00 (EST)

〓Activity Rewards〓

  1. After the test is over, users who obtain the number of test tokens (tHEP) through the game is at least 500 can get 60CHE+120HEP airdrop rewards.

Qualified List

2. After the test, we will sort out and filter the BUGs and suggestions submitted by the players. Based on the BUG or the content of each user’s feedback, we will evaluate the value from the two directions of "functional value" and "applicable scope". Adopted BUG feedback and suggestions will be rewarded, up to 1000CHE.

  • Minor BUG 20CHE

  • Ordinary BUG 50CHE

  • Important BUG 300CHE

  • Serious BUG 500CHE

  • Critical BUG 1000CHE (this type is mostly a fatal flaw in the contract or game balance)

If there is more than one person submiting similar bugs, the most priority will be adopted according to the time order.

3. Publish your personal game Trial Experience Report on your social media, such as YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Medium, etc, and fill in this form (, we will select some for rewards, up to 500 CHE.

  • Selected Trial Experience Report (article): 100CHE

  • Selected Trial Experience Report (video): 200CHE

  • Excellent Trial Experience Report (article): 200CHE

  • Excellent Trial Experience Report (video): 500CHE

〓Bugs and feedback〓

For players who may have suggestions or comments on CyberCat during the experience, please go to the Form( for feedback, including but not limited to the following content:

1. Game experience

① Problems with the use of game functions

② Operation experience

③ Design presentation issues

④ Suggestion of new features

2. BUG issues

① Error prompt

② System response problem

③ Network problem

④ Fatal flaws in contract or game balance

we will continue to collect everyone's opinions and iterate & optimize the game.

〓Reward distribution time〓

Within 7 working days after the end of the test

⭕️ CyberCat Alpha Test Feedback & Bug Report Form



⭕️ CyberCat Alpha Test Trial Experience Report Form

〓Activity description〓

  1. All content in this test is a test version and does not represent the final quality of the game.

  2. The game data of this test will be cleared after the test is over, please be aware.

  3. The end time of this test is not equal to the official launch time of the game. we will gradually add pets and other product content for testing, so we will decide whether to adjust the end time according to the actual test situation.

〓For more information〓

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