The joint beta of CherrySwap & OKExChain

CherrySwap invites you to test the joint beta of CherrySwap & OKExChain, You can receive airdrop benefits of 2,000 OKT and 300,000 CHE, and each person can receive up to 0.2 OKT + 150 CHE.

The activity details as below:

Activity time

March 11, 2021 20:00 ~ March 16, 2021 20:00 (HKT)

Task 1

Task 2

  • Bind your wallet on and get OKT( test coin of OKExChain)

  • Complete one OKT / CHE transaction【Exchange】

  • Complete one time of adding liquidity on【Liquidity】

  • Complete one time of harvesting CHE on【Farms】


After completing task 1, the top 10000 users will receive the airdrop of 75 CHE.

After completing task 2, the top 10000 users will receive the airdrop of 0.2 OKT+ 75 CHE

please fill out this form to receive your rewards :

Activity statement

1. The CHE in test-net is for the use of CherrySwap beta only, which does not belong to the scope of fundraising and has no investment value. All tokens of CHE are generated through decentralized trading or mining, and everyone has the right to participate in;

2. After the task is completed, the user needs to fill in the form in time, and the reward will be issued according to the order in which the user fills in the form after completing the task. If the user fills in the form earlier than the time of completing the task, it will be regarded as invalid;

3. To participate in the OKT airdrop of the joint beta, you need to complete the activity rules issued by OKExChain, that is, follow the official twitter:@OKExChain and complete the testing of at least three project sponsors, The prizewinner list will be fully reviewed by OKExChain, and the power of interpretation for effective users will be subject to OKExChain. For more details, please go to OKExChain website;

4. OKT and CHE will be issued after the deployment of the main network. Please pay attention to OKExChain and CherrySwap for the specific issue time;

5. To ensure the fairness of the activity and strictly prohibit cheating, CherrySwap has the right to cancel the award-winning qualification of users in case of any illegal operation affecting the normal operation of this activity;

6. If you have more suggestions and opinions on CherrySwap during the test, you are welcome to feedback your valuable opinions in the form:

7. CherrySwap reserves the right of final interpretation.

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