CherrySwap IFO Eco Fund Launched

In order to build a rich CherrySwap ecosystem, CherrySwap Team has invested 1.5 million USD to establish the IFO Eco Fund, which was officially launched today to support high-quality projects of IFO. The CherrySwap IFO Ecological Fund has decided to reward 50,000-150,000 USDT for each approved and launched CherrySwap IFO high-quality project from now on. In addition to the basic security audit, the CherrySwap IFO Eco Fund will focus on project development completion, project quality, project community scale, and project operational capabilities.

If your high-quality project that would like to go live with IFO, please click on the link to apply:

IFO applications will have priority if your project falls within the following categories.

  1. New projects created and issued by a large community or project-led on the BSC chain.

  2. High-quality projects on BSC that have been running but have not issued coins.

  3. Projects in the field of on-chain financial derivatives (options, contracts, insurance, etc.), NFT, and GameFi.

For mature and high-quality projects, CherrySwap will not only provide financial and flow support, but also other ecological support, including but not limited to CherrySwap priority liquidity mining support and investment, etc.

Welcome to the CherrySwap ecosystem!

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