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💡Create token

How to create token with CherrySwap

  1. Page➡️ CherrySwap tool - Create Token

2. Select the type of token to be created

3. Type in the parameters

● token symbol: corresponds to symbol in the block browser.

● token name: corresponds to name in the block browser.

● total supply: the total amount of tokens to be issued, which cannot be modified after filling in the quantity.

● Decimals: corresponds to decimals in the block browser, the default number of decimal places is 18.

4. Wallet authorization

Check the token information, click "Create", authorize and confirm in the wallet, then you can complete the creation and copy the contract address.

5. Renounce Ownership

Type in the address of the token created ( your token address must be minted on Cherryswap ) and click [Renounce Ownership], which means transferring the ownership and control of the token you created to Blackhole.


● Contracts that require dividend tokens need to use the WOKT pool, so you need to add WOKT pairs first when creating liquidity.

● Contracts that repurchase sub-tokens are not able to renounce ownership.

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