Feedback Rules for OEC 1st Grant Hackathon Donation

CherrySwap won first place in the community donation in the OKExChain 1st Grant Hackathon, which ended on July 11. Thanks for the support!

After discussion, the team decided to give feedback to community users who voted for CherrySwap in the OKExChain 1st Grant Hackathon event. The detailed rules are as follows:

1. The donation feedback ratio is 1 OKT=500 CHE, that is, if you donate 1 OKT, it means that you can get 500 CHE rewards, and the specific reward amount is calculated according to the actual amount of OKT received;

2. Community users with a total donation ≤ 20 OKT can get all airdrop rewards at once;

3. For community users with a total donation > 20 OKT, 50% of the airdrop will be unlocked at first, the remaining part will be unlocked 2.5% every week, the unlocking will be finished in 20 weeks in total;

4. The community feedback airdrop will be issued after the mainnet is deployed.

* The CHE for this airdrop will be provided by the CherrySwap market fund. After the mainnet is deployed, the address of the market fund will be announced and subject to community supervision.

CherrySwap looks forward to working with all community users to build a great Swap on OEC!

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